New Refinance Program to Help Borrowers – Fannie Mae Refi Plus

New Refinance Program to Help Borrowers - Fannie Mae Refi PlusFor many borrowers it has been a long and hard road over the past months to try to refinance their homes. Credit has been tight, mortgage companies are making it harder every day to qualify for a loan, and some borrower’s mortgages are more than their homes are worth. But now there may be some relief for many borrowers.

As part of the Home Affordable Act, Fannie Mae has introduced the Fannie Mae Refi Continue reading

No Cost Mortgage Refinance

No Cost Mortgage RefinanceMany mortgage lenders and banks are offering “No Cost” or “Low Cost” mortgage refinancing options. These are often advertised as a great way for homeowners to avoid paying the thousands of dollars typically required to refinance a home loan. Here are some things homeowners should know when looking into a no cost mortgage refinancing.

At first glance, a no cost refinance seems like a great way to avoid having Continue reading

Current Mortgage Rates – Canada

Current Mortgage Rates - CanadaMortgage rates in Canada are becoming lower than ever before, as the interest rates on a 7 year mortgage or loan sits at 5.25%. There are many online companies that offer the lowest of current mortgage rates Canada has to offer. Some of these online companies offer services such as tools and management information. These services also include a referral so that you are connected to loan officers that Continue reading

Can You Really Qualify For A Connecticut Mortgage With Problems On Your Credit

Can You Really Qualify For A Connecticut Mortgage With Problems On Your CreditThere is a question that many Connecticut homeowners are facing today in regards to qualifying for a mortgage. The big question has to do with being able to qualify for a Connecticut mortgage if you have some credit issues in your past. Based on what I am seeing I will review the issues and credit challenges that Connecticut mortgage lenders are no longer willing accept when approving a mortgage.

One of the more Continue reading

How Has the First Home Owners Grant Changed?

How Has the First Home Owners Grant Changed?As part of the recently released Federal 2009/ 2010 budget, changes have been made to the First Home Owner’s Grant. If you are considering buying a home it is important that you are aware of these changes. It will be integral to take the grant into consideration, especially when it comes to the date on the contract of sale.

There are four separate payments that home buyers Continue reading

Why Would I Use a Mortgage Broker?

Why Would I Use a Mortgage Broker?Answer: They are in a position to save you time and money. As the Home Loan market becomes progressively complicated, more of us are turning to Mortgage Brokers.

Mortgage Brokers can save time.

The banks and various lenders each have a lot of options, how can you understand all the options. It is possible to wade through all of the literature and specifications or else you could consult with a broker Continue reading

Getting A Second Mortgage Refinance – How Difficult Is It?

Getting A Second Mortgage Refinance - How Difficult Is It?We have all heard about a mortgage refinance; but what is a second mortgage refinance? Is it possible to take out a second mortgage on your home and refinance it? Often homeowners take out a mortgage after making many plans. Their plans do not work out, and there is often a need for more funds. Alternatively, there could be a debt crisis. Here a second mortgage can be of great help. The first one is repaid, Continue reading

Tips When Choosing A Home Loan

Tips When Choosing A Home LoanBuying a house is fun and also stressful. Individuals can enjoy checking out different types of houses. Individuals can also properly find the ideal house that can cater to their needs. Meanwhile, choosing houses is also stressful since you need to thoroughly decide which house you should purchase. You also need to invest in time and effort to promptly choose a house. Finally, you must have sufficient Continue reading

Keep Away From a Mortgage Nightmare

Keep Away From a Mortgage Nightmare$200,000 housing loan for $425.00! Offers of a ‘low mortgage payment’ are in the ads that you notice day and night. You need to decide whether the claims are true or not, as the old proverb goes – If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

I speak with many clients, who are considering purchasing a home, through my job as a housing counselor for Family Life Credit Services. They often ask me about Continue reading

A House of Cards – Part 1

A House of Cards - Part 1The current credit crisis has impacted multiple sectors of our financial economy. Home foreclosures are on the rise. Credit-worthy consumers struggle to secure mortgages. Investment banks are brought to their knees. Foreign and domestic stock markets experience gut-wrenching volatility. The Federal Reserve is forced to take historical steps to maintain liquidity. And the list goes on.

In an effort Continue reading